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The Game Everyone Needs to Start Building Plans for Their Goals

At GBI, we believe that rather than asking people to increase their financial literacy, there’s a way that we in the financial sector can make it easier for people to engage with financial problems without the expert knowledge.  The key to accomplishing this? Creating a tacit understanding of financial planning.  We’ve written in previous posts

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The Toolkit to Unlock Financial Planning

It’s widely documented that there is a lack of financial literacy among U.S. adults. FINRA’s State of U.S. Financial Capability study found that only 34% of individuals can correctly answer 4 or more questions on a basic 5-question financial quiz.  And Americans want help. Northwestern Mutual found that 6 out of 10 Americans say their

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Do We Really Need to Increase Financial Literacy?

As we come out of April, which is Financial Literacy Month, we at GBI found ourselves questioning the main problem that so many have been focused on these last 30 days: How to increase financial literacy for individuals so they can more easily engage with financial problems.  While we agree that increased financial literacy is

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