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The 4 Core Elements of a Successful Financial Plan

Roughly one-third of the population made resolutions for 2020.  The most popular resolution? Fifty percent of people said theirs was to lose weight, but not far behind was “save more money” at 49%. As I’m sure you’re aware, as a whole, we’re not great at sticking to resolutions. Of those who set goals for themselves,

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How One Financial Planning App Can Help Kickstart Your College Savings

If you’re like most college graduates, student loan debt was a monkey you carried on your back for years, possibly decades—you may even still be carrying it around.  According to, our collective student loan debt is approaching 2 trillion dollars, with more than 43 million people carrying an average of $39,351 in debt each.

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marketing for advisors

5 of the Best Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors (Including a Brand New One!)

Marketing for financial advisors can often feel like a “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” process. On top of that, what works one day might not work the next.  As a result, advisors often spend more money and time than needed on finding new clients. That’s why we decided to put this

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lasso financial planning app

Introducing Lasso

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to Lasso: our brand new social financial planning app that connects consumers with financial advisors who can help them reach their life goals.  At GoalBased Investors—the company behind Lasso—we use technology to help approach financial problems in new and better ways. We believe that new digital

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The Advisor Lab Podcast: How Advisors Can Help Clients Balance Their Investment Goals

This week, the GBI team spoke with Alex Cavalieri, the co-founder of Seven Group, for an exclusive interview on The Advisor Lab podcast. In the 28-minute episode, we spoke about how advisors can connect with investors in a more user-friendly and streamlined way with goals-based planning. Throughout the episode, we cover: What makes goals-based planning

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