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How One Financial Planning App Can Help Kickstart Your College Savings

If you’re like most college graduates, student loan debt was a monkey you carried on your back for years, possibly decades—you may even still be carrying it around.  According to, our collective student loan debt is approaching 2 trillion dollars, with more than 43 million people carrying an average of $39,351 in debt each.

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table! Take Advantage of Workplace Benefits

Building a plan to reach your life goals may feel daunting. But something that may make it a bit easier is having extra money to save toward those goals. Where do you find extra money though? Well, a good place to start is actually at work.  With your job, you are probably focused on how

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How Much Should Be in Your Rainy Day Fund?

Why should you have a rainy day fund? Everyone should have a rainy day fund. Why? Because it gives you a safety net if something unexpected happens and you need money fast.  The point of a rainy day fund is to cover surprise expenses you weren’t planning for. For example, your car breaks down or

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Where Should You Put Your Next Dollar of Savings?

Do you have extra money to save but no idea where to put that money to make the biggest impact? We know. This sounds like a champagne problem.  But it can actually be challenging to figure out how to allocate your savings so that you are using your money most efficiently and your dollars are

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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Savings

We all want to be making progress toward our financial goals. But, one of the hardest parts is knowing where to start. It’s generally easy to find things to spend money on – housing, groceries, bills, or going out and having fun. But, we also all have future goals for our life that we want

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4 Easy Steps to Prioritize Your Savings Goals

We all have goals we want to achieve. You probably have a long list of things that you want to save for and you’d probably put money toward all of them if you could.  However, everyone has a limited amount of money. We know some of that money will inevitably need to go toward everyday

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